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In 2010 I bought a Funtana 125 Airplane. It had a cowling that completely covered my Saito 125 4-stroke engine. I knew I would need to install a remote glow adapter to start my engine since the cowling prevented me from getting access to the glow plug. In addition, the engine mounts in a Cylinder 'Head Down' position and I was concerned with flameouts at low idle speeds. So I figured it would be a good opportunity to use an onboard glow plug driver.

I bought one of the commercially available drivers and was very disappointed with it. It was sensitive to the wire size and length connecting to the remote glow adapter. As soon as the battery was drained just a little it would no longer drive my glow plug. After messing around with different batteries and changing to heavier wire it still wasn't doing the job. So I said to myself, "I can do it better". So I did.

As an Electrical Engineer with over thirty years experience designing electronic systems it was just the kind of project I enjoy doing. Four months later I had a working version and installed it in my Funtana as well as two other planes I fly. Since then, I've sold a couple of dozen to the guys in my flying club. All reported positive results and gave very encouraging feedback. With a couple of hundred flights of my own and many more from the other guys in my club, I figured its rock solid and we are ready for prime time. So I setup this website to offer it to all interested RC'ers.

My company is literally a garage operation. I designed the product and build them in my garage. I test each unit myself to make sure it works before shipping it out. That's how I can offer my Glow plug driver so inexpensively. I have no overhead and I don't depend on the income to pay the bills. I build and sell them for the same reason you and I are in the RC hobby... for the fun of it! As well as the satisfaction of creating something that people find useful! As long as you are willing to pay a price that covers my costs for parts and a couple of bucks for my labor to build and test the units, I'm happy to sell them to you for such a low cost.