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Glow Plug Driver (LiFe Version)

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Glow Plug Driver (LiFe Version)
Designed for use with LiFe batteries as the Glow Plug power source.

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Constant Power Mode
- Automatically Adjusts power to compensate for battery charge state and voltage.
- Automatically Adjusts for wiring and connector resistance.
Typical configurations:
- Single Cell LiFe (3.3 Volt)
- Two Cell LiFe (6.6 Volt)
- Three Cell LiFe (9.9 Volt)
- Any combination of batteries from 1.2 Volt to 12 Volts.
- Auto shutoff for low battery to avoid draining receiver batteries.
LED indicator for Low battery condition, Short Circuit, Open Circuit.
Dimensions: 0.9"W x 1.8"L x 0.5"h
Weight: 0.4 ounce

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