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Multi Cylinder/Multi Engine Glow Plug Driver(LiFe)

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Multiple Cylinder / Multiple Engine Glow Plug Driver (LiFe Version)
Designed for use with LiFe batteries as the Glow Plug power source.

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Drive up to 4 Glow Plugs from a single On Board Glow Driver.
- Now you can power your multiple Cylinder engines, Twin Engine, Tri-Engine, or Quad Glow Plugs with a single On-Board Glow Plug Driver.
- The unique design of the 'Multi' Glow Plug Driver optimizes the power delivered to the glow plugs so you can drive all of them with a single Glow Battery.

- The LiFe version is designed specifically for the voltages of two cell and Three Cell LiFe batteries.

Constant Power Mode
- Automatically Adjusts Voltage to compensate for battery charge state and voltage.
- Maintains Constant Voltage to drive Glow Plug.

Typical configurations:
- Two Cell LiFe (6.6 Volt)
- Three Cell LiFe (9.9 Volt)
- Auto shutoff for low battery to avoid
draining batteries beyond low voltage LiFe limits.
LED indicator for:
- Glow plug on/off
- Low Voltage condition

- Insufficient "C" Rating
Dimensions: 1.5"W x 1.5"L x 0.5"h
Weight: 0.6 ounce

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